AXIO Centripetal Training

Discover the revolutionary training method used by MLB, NFL, NHL teams and athletes to perform their best, prevent injury and accelerate recovery. This uniquely reactive training device is perfect for individual and group training of all levels.

Quickly strengthen your core, back and shoulders. Boost aerobic conditioning with only short intervals. Improve balance, coordination and athleticism.

AXIO Trainers are different. Developed for rehabilitation, enhanced for high-level training and fitness. The patented rugged design combines gravitational and rotational resistance which creates a force-multiplier that quickly increases full body strength and dynamic stability.

It's like a ride. You feel it working all over immediately!

AXIO is portable, fast, and progressively challenging. It’s a great addition to any workout, training and recovery program. 

The Key Axio Benefits

Fast Strength & Conditioning

AXIO's centripetal force multiplier (CFM) activates multiple muscle groups to fire simultaneously so you get full-body, integrated training results in less time.

Dynamic Shoulder & Core Stability

AXIO gives you a full 360 degrees of reactive variable resistance to increase your stability, endurance and control for elite-level joint mobility and function.

Improves Athleticism & Balance

AXIO develops our ability to coordinate tension; how we sense, react and make micro-adjustments to control force so you perform your best.