AXIO Training: Quick Start

To master your AXIO Trainer may take a little practice. Just like learning to jump rope or ride a bike, our muscles need time and repetition to develop rhythm and timing to better coordinate complex skills and movements.

Everyone begins at their own level and will improve at different rates.

Simply make the leap, trust the process and embrace the challenge of AXIO Centripetal Training!



AXIO Training Tips:

  • Oscillate side to side to feel the mass roll smoothly in bottom of channel
  • Go slow when first starting out - Moving too fast will keep you from feeling the mass roll
  • Try to generate force to move the AXIO from your center - avoid trying to use only the small muscles of the wrist and elbow
  • Sometimes closing our eyes can help - enhances our other sensory systems feel and control forces or resistance
  • Try different grips and positions - using only your dominant arm is typically easiest when first starting out


AXIO Training:  Grips, Positions & Movement

Discover the variety of AXIO grips, positions and movements that can be used to activate multiple muscle groups at the same time, get fast training results and progressively challenge all user levels.