Which is the best AXIO to start out with?

The best AXIO to start out with for all user levels and goals is the green single-mass AXIO360. It’s the easiest to control, but still offers significant resistance for strength benefits. The 360 is most versatile as it can be used for warmup, training and recovery. It also integrates most easily with more dynamic movement patterns and body positions.  

I see a lot of professional athletes using AXIO Trainers. Is AXIO good for non-athletes too?

Yes. Even though AXIO is great for athletes, particularly in overhead dominant sports, AXIO is also a great tool to improve general fitness, balance and coordination for all user levels. We have people from 8-80+ that use AXIO in a variety of ways.

I have a shoulder injury. Which AXIO would be best for me to use?

We recommend consulting with an orthopedist or physical therapist to diagnose and treat injuries. However, with virtually any shoulder injury, the green single-mass AXIO360 is most appropriate for patients once cleared for loading the joint.

How come I lose control of the AXIO so fast? 

Learning to feel, develop timing and control the internal weight/s in an AXIO can take a little practice. Similar to learning to jump rope, it is expected to lose control and have to start over. The key is to go slow at first so you can better sense the weight and maintain control. Then gradually increase speed with practice.

Why does AXIO get me so tired even though it doesn’t weigh that much?

AXIO Trainers combine the resistance from gravity (like a typical dumb bell) with an additional internal rotational resistance. This combination of forces makes an AXIO punch much more than its’ weight.

What should I do if I don’t feel the ball moving inside my AXIO?

Best way to feel the ball roll inside your AXIO is keep the central handle parallel to the ground while moving the AXIO back and forth slowly and smoothly. This will help you feel ball roll up each side of the channel. 

Does it matter which direction I rotate the AXIO?

 Sure does. Different rotational directions and orientations will recruit your muscles in different firing patterns and varying intensity. Many people notice they have better control in one direction over another. It’s best to master both directions with any position or movement when using an AXIO.

Why is an AXIO better than a Body Blade or Shoulder Tube?

 Obviously, other than portability, those devices only offer resistance in a single direction and with very low-level proprioceptive requirement. AXIO Trainers are different in that they strengthen with a complete 360 degrees of resistance while also developing elite-level proprioception. AXIO Trainers are also more progressively challenging and great for all user levels. So as you improve with an AXIO you can progress by varying positions, adding movements, or using the advanced models.

What’s the clicking sound I hear sometimes when using my AXIO?

If you hear a clicking sound occasionally that sounds like metal contacting metal, this is either the internal weight hitting the inner rims due to the user not applying a consistent force to keep the weight to the outside of the channel. Or with AXIO Trainers that have multiple weights, if the user does not generate a smooth force to keep the weights moving in unison, they will bump into each other, creating noise and making AXIO difficult to control.

Wouldn’t it be easier if AXIO was more transparent so we could see the internal weight?

Yes. It would definitely be easier to control an AXIO Trainer if we were able to use our eyes to keep track the moving weight. AXIO is intentionally designed to force us to rely and enhance our other sensory systems (other than our favorite, vision) in order to sense and control the device. 

How long should AXIO intervals be?

We recommend doing multiple repetitions of 20-30 second intervals at a tempo you can control. Speed will come with practice. Using the last 5-10 seconds of each interval can also be sprinted. If you lose control, just like with jumping rope, get it going again. The clock is still ticking. For greater endurance training or for low resistance recovery, repetitions can last up to 2 minutes duration at slower tempos.

What’s the best way to clean my AXIO?

AXIO Trainers can be easily wiped clean with any gym wipe or equipment cleaner. If you want to really brighten up your AXIO, simply dampen a towel with WD40 and wipe thoroughly and then wipe dry with a clean towel. 

Does the inside of my AXIO need to be cleaned?

AXIO Trainers over time break in with use and so some debris can accumulate within the outer channel or on the mass/es. We recommend occasionally “tuning” your AXIO to keep it working smoothly. To do so simply follow instructions in the AXIO Care section on our website