AXIO 720 Centripetal Trainer. 2 Mass advanvced  model
Lunge exercise using AXIO 720 Centripetal Trainer
Squat exercise using AXIO 720 Centripetal Trainer
Shoulder definition of woman using AXIO 720 Centripetal Trainer
AXIO 720

AXIO 720

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The 720 is our advanced-level Centripetal Trainer that designed to challenge stronger and coordinated users. Though it provides significantly greater resistance and difficulty to control than our introductory models, it still has applications in rehab and training for all levels simply by altering the way you hold it.

The AXIO 720 has two (2) ½ lb masses in the resisted outer channel.  An additional ½ lb doesn’t sound like much, but due to the rotational resistance multiplier and need to control separate masses, the user requires significantly greater strength, dynamic stability, and coordination to handle.

Product weight: 3.75 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

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Customer Reviews

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Axio 720

I returned it. I'm 57 and had a full replacement shoulder surgery. It was too difficult. thanks. Matt

Hey Matthew. Hope things are going well since your surgery. I've helped quite a few patients recover from TSR's over the years. Wish you would have contacted me for some guidance on your purchase and use of AXIO in your recovery/progressive training program.. It appears you purchased the ADVANCED AXIO 720 which would have been way too much to handle post-operatively. The INTERMEDIATE AXIO 360 and REHAB/YOUTH AXIO 360 LITE models are best for that application. You can also find shoulder rehab exercise progressions and regressions in our free AXIO exercise library on website. Reach out anytime with questions.

Nexus Review

I have not spent a lot of time with my new piece of equipment but I am somewhat surprised with the small amount of information given to learn how to use the product. I expected a couple videos with more in-depth training techniques. I see some value in the product but I also think that having additional information guide would make it better for me as a Senior to learn it. Thank you.

Hi Michael.
Thank you for your interest and feedback.
We highly recommend all new AXIO users refer to our “Quickstart” videos on the website. This page is easily accessed via the QR code on the front of the product information card provided or simply go to our website
Additionally, you have free access to well over 100 AXIO Training exercises and parameters in the 'Exercise Library” on the website.
I also notice you purchased the AXIO 720 which is our more “advanced” model. The 720 is heavier and much more challenging to coordinate so will take will a little more time to master.

A Quick, Hard, Good Work Out

I work out with AXIO 720 and then I turn in. It takes less than 10 minutes and the next day it feels like it covered everything. Using AXIO 720 makes me feel well. I had gotten to the point where Body Blade Classic/Pro wasn't a challenge and I stopped working out, started sitting too much and then I got an Axio 360. It wun't enuf. So I kicked it up to Axio 720 Perfect!

Now, I alternate them to go easy on myself.

Athletek Baseball
Axio 720

The 720 will kick your @$$! Don’t shy away!

Andy Sykes
Shoulder health enhancer

I love the proprioceptive and stabilizing qualities of these devices. I really think this will enhance our athletes abilities to feel there game while strengthen the small tissues that stabilize the shoulder and elbow. A great tool to add in to anyone's workout.