AXIO 360LT Model for Youth/Rehab
2 Youth baseball players warming up on field using AXIO 360LT
Baseball Player using AXIO 360LT prior to throwing
Softball Player using AXIO 360LT prior to pitching
ACL Rehab patient using AXIO 360LT


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Currently sold out. Sorry for the inconvenience. The new AXIO 360 LITE will be available in Jan 2024. Sign up for updates and be the 1st to see the new look.

The 360 LITE (LT) is designed for younger athlete training and for use post-injury in early stages of rehabilitation. It's our lightest weight and easiest AXIO model to use. It's the perfect AXIO for anyone who wants less resistance and "punch" than the standard 360.

This LT is designed for our younger and developing athletes who want the same training and performance benefits the pros get, but just with less load.

The 360LT is most versatile for use post-injury and with a variety of rehabilitation applications. It's also great for training, warm up, and recovery.

Product weight: ~2 lbs

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Dana P.
Pretty Cool!

I got the 360 LT for my daughter who plays softball. She uses it all the time and has really gotten good at keeping it going. I've started using it too and you can really feel it working for shoulders and core pretty fast.

John J
Great Product!

Got the AXIO 360LT at Triple Crown Tourney this summer for both my boys to use (9 and 12). They use it all the time and even have competitions on who can rotate it the best in different positions. Plan to get them the heavier regular 360 for xmas for them to grow into.

San W.

I love it! It is amazing! My shoulder already feels better from doing the pendulums with it. I'm going to recommend it to some friends who have had shoulder injuries they can't shake off. Thanks!

Sue B.
Very Cool!

Very cool product. We just got this at our daughter's softball tournament and she loves it! The whole family is using it now and think we're going to get the heavier ones next.

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