Revolutionize Your Game!

Greater Hitting Power

From Professional and collegiate to the developing player, AXIO will take your game to the next level.

Reactive Core Stability

Activates every core muscle at the same time to optimize player platform and movement.

Dynamic Shoulder Strength

A full 360° of dynamic resistance quickly improves performance and prevents injury.

Fast training and warmup

Fits easily in your bag. Use anywhere from the court to the gym. One tool for warmup, training and recovery.

What the Pros & Experts Think


"AXIO has really helped me improve my strength, power and most importantly stability through my shoulder. Something that is important for longevity in our sport of volleyball."

James Anastassiades, MS
Professional Volleyball Player & Coach

"AXIO is a game changer for volleyball players! It has changed the way I train. The versatility for training, rehab, warm up, and dynamic strengthening is unparalleled."

Brandon Greenway
Professional Volleyball Player & Coach

"AXIO gives overhead athletes a combination of strength, endurance and neuromuscular control that's unparalleled to any other device."

Dr. Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Shoulder/Elbow Research Specialist

"Amazing training effects! AXIO lights up your shoulders and core like nothing else. Every player should have one in their bag."

Dr. Terence Crossan, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist - Volleyball Player & Coach