"there is nothing better for your core!"

"axio has saved my shoulders!"

"I love it! AXIO is so versatile!"

Two hand lunge with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer

full body training

  • Complete Shoulder Strengthening
  • Automatically Stabilizes Your Core
  • Integrated Strength + Stability
  • Simultaneously Strengthens Multiple Muscles

fast results

  • 30 Second Intervals
  • Increases Aerobic Conditioning
  • Improves Balance + Athleticism
  • Decreases Risk of Injury

versatile & fun

  • For Warm up, Training + Recovery
  • Virtually No Joint Compression
  • Portable + Lightweight
  • Game-like + Progressively Challenging

What the Experts Think


"AXIO takes the simplest movement and engages the entire body. This is the next big thing and a must have for anyone looking to take their workouts to the next level!"

Anna Nemeckay, CPT, USAT
Certified Trainer & Triathlon Coach Competitive Triathlete

"It's so crazy the difference from arm to arm and how it challenges the rest of the body. AXIO is such a versatile training tool!"

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Performance Coach at ONNIT Sports Performance

"AXIO provides a combination of strength, endurance and neuromuscular control that's unparalleled to any other device."

Dr. Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Shoulder/Elbow Research Specialist

"I love AXIO! It forces you to engage your core with every moment. I use it with all of my Pilates clients"

Jaada Peterson
STOTT PILATES IT/instructor CORE IT/Trainer

"We started using it for simple stability and rehab, but that soon evolved into using it for strength supersets, thru full active range of motion, and even into lactate threshold work with everyone from my fighters, to Crossfit athletes, pro skiers, and even with my pro bodybuilders."

Paul Longworth
Athletic Trainer | Strength & Conditioning PR Health Owner