AXIO Centripetal Training introduction

AXIO Trainers are used by MLB, NFL, NHL and NCAA athletes to improve performance, accelerate rehab and prevent injury.

Quickly strengthen your core, shoulders, back and arms at the same time. Boost aerobic conditioning with only short intervals. Improve balance, coordination and athleticism to perform your best.

AXIO Trainers are different. Developed for rehabilitation, enhanced for athletic training and fitness. The patent-pending rugged design combines gravitational and rotational resistance. The force-multiplier effect develops dynamic strength and neuromuscular control in less time and with minimal joint compressive load.

You feel it working immediately!

AXIO is portable, fast, and progressively challenging for all users. It’s a great addition to any gym, training or rehabilitation program.



AXIO Benefits the key

Full Body Strength and Conditioning

Full Body Strength and Conditioning

You get fast training results by activating multiple muscle groups to work together at the same time

Dynamic Shoulder and Core Stability

Dynamic Shoulder and Core Stability

Increases your stabilizing muscle strength, endurance and control to optimize joint function and prevent injury

Improves Athleticism and Balance

Improves Athleticism and Balance

Develops your coordination and neuromuscular control; our ability to sense, react and control force so you will perform your best

Built to Perform

AXIO Features

The solid aluminum alloy frame provides commercial-grade durability and responsiveness. The custom outer channel maximizes resistance, force absorption and proprioceptive feedback. The central padded grip and precision carbon steel mass offer greater consistency and control.


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