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centripetal Training Benefits

Fast Strength & Conditioning

AXIO's centripetal force multiplier (CFM) activates multiple muscle groups to fire simultaneously so you get full-body, integrated training results in less time.

Dynamic Shoulder & Core Stability

AXIO gives you a full 360 degrees of reactive variable resistance to increase your stability, endurance and control for elite-level joint mobility and function.

Improves Athleticism & Balance

AXIO develops our ability to coordinate tension; how we sense, react and make micro-adjustments to control force so you perform your best.



"AXIO has really helped me improve my strength, power and most importantly stability through my shoulder. Something that is important for longevity in our sport of volleyball."

James Anastassiades
Professional Volleyball Player

"AXIO is for more than just arm care. It makes your whole body "turn on". It takes feel, timing and focus"

John Huizinga
Baseball Mentor and Coach - Fuel Factory Sports

"AXIO Trainers use the simplest movement and engages your entire body. You feel it everywhere!. This really takes your training to another level."

Anna Nemeckay, CPT, USAT
Trainer and Triathlon Coach

"AXIO gives overhead athletes a combination of strength, endurance and neuromuscular control that's unparalleled to any other device."

Dr. Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Shoulder/Elbow Research Specialist - Consultant for Philadelphia Phillies

"AXIO develops elite-level dynamic stability and movement control. It's a must-have tool to perform at the highest level."

Dr. Dale Bartek, DPT, PT
Physical Therapist - Co-owner Athletek Baseball

I'm always looking for the best training options to use myself and for my players. AXIO is my go to arm care tool for better stability, strength and coordination at every level. It's a must for player warm up and training!"

Nikki Beal
Former Pro Softball & Canadian National Team Athlete

"Twelve years in the fitness and athlete training profession and I have yet to find anything that engages the shoulder and core better than AXIO"

Devon Newberry, CPT,CES,PES
NASM Certified Trainer

"Love this thing! I use AXIO Trainers all the time for shoulder and core work."

Ken Block
Pro Rally Driver

"AXIO Trainers challenge even the most skilled athletes. AXIO is a superior tool that delivers exceptional results in the athletic training room, in the dugout, and on the field.

Obie Benavides, DAT, LAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer, Lamar University