AXIO Centripetal Training introduction

AXIO is a training device and programming that integratively improves strength, core stability, conditioning, balance and neuromuscular control.

Unlike many traditional exercises, AXIO creates a reactive training stimulus, that not only engages greater core and stabilizing muscles, but also improves proprioception and our ability to modulate force. It’s these elements most often overlooked in the gym that are the key to better function, athletic performance and preventing injury.

Developed for rehabilitation and enhanced for fitness and athletic training, the system’s smart, rugged design combines the gravitational resistance of a free weight with internal oscillatory and rotational resistance. Simply changing AXIO’s orientation, body position and movements impacts areas targeted and level of difficulty. You feel it working immediately.

AXIO is perfect for individual and group training. It comes complete with AXIO-specific workouts and is easily combined into circuit, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, indoor cycling, athletic training and rehabilitation programs.

AXIO is portable, fast, and supremely challenging for all users. It’s the ideal addition to any gym, workout and training program. 

AXIO Benefits the key

Full Body Strength and Conditioning

Full Body Strength and Conditioning

AXIO maximizes training results quickly, recruiting multiple muscle groups to simultaneously work together

Functional Core and Shoulder Stability

Functional Core and Shoulder Stability

AXIO dynamically increases core and stabilizing muscle activation with any movement and exercise

Improves Athleticism and Balance

Improves Athleticism and Balance

AXIO improves neuromuscular control, our ability to react and modulate force for better performance

Built to Perform

AXIO Features

AXIO was developed for rehabilitation and enhanced for professional training. The solid aluminum frame provides commercial-grade durability and responsiveness. The custom outer channel maximizes resistance, force absorption and proprioceptive feedback. The central padded grip and precision carbon steel mass offer greater comfort, consistency and control.


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