training, warm up & recovery


  • Faster Footwork and reactive balance

  • exposes weaknesses, imbalances and compensations

  • greater triple threat stability and end range control

  • better ball manipulation and contact on dribble drive

Dynamic Warmup
  • faster muscle activation

  • enhances feel and rhythm for shooting accuracy

  • excites neuromuscular system

  • Decreases risk of injury

Faster Recovery

  • Speeds Circulation and Healing

  • Virtually No Joint Compression

  • Minimizes Soreness and Pain

  • Lightweight and Portable

What the Experts Think


"There are few things that challenge my balance, coordination and stamina like the AXIO does. It's just a great product!"

Jerome Meyinsse
Professional Basketball Player

"AXIO gives overhead athletes a combination of strength, endurance and neuromuscular control that's unparalleled to any other device."

Dr. Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Shoulder/Elbow Research Specialist - Consultant Philadelphia Phillies

“Phenomenol tool for athletes to develop elite-level core and shoulder stability to maximize health and performance"

Dr. Tim DiFrancesco, DPT
Physical Therapist - Former LA Lakers Strength Coach

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