AXIO is a functional stability trainer that integratively improves strength, conditioning, balance, rhythm and coordination.

AXIO is proactive and reactive. It simultaneously increases strength and dynamic stability, enhancing proprioception and our ability to modulate force. This leads to better functional stability, athletic performance and decreased risk of injury.

Developed for rehabilitation and enhanced for athletic training and fitness, the system’s smart, rugged design combines the gravitational resistance of a free weight with an internal rotational resistance. The combined forces produce fast training results with minimal compressive load. Simply change AXIO grip, orientation, body position and movements to target different areas and vary the level of difficulty. You feel it working immediately!

AXIO is great for individual and group training. It comes complete with exercise database and interval challenges. AXIO is used by athletes and rehabilitation professionals for it's unique combination of strength and neuromuscular benefits. It is also easily combined into any workout, circuit, HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and indoor cycling programs. 

AXIO is portable, fast, and supremely challenging for all users. It’s the ideal addition to any gym, training or rehabilitation program.