Quickly strengthen your core, shoulders, back and arms at the same time. Boost your aerobic conditioning with only short intervals. Improve balance, coordination and athleticism so you perform your best.

AXIO is different. It's proactive and reactive. Developed for rehabilitation, enhanced for athletic training and fitness. It's patent-pending rugged design combines gravitational and rotational resistance to simultaneously challenge strength and control. This creates a force-multiplier for faster training results with minimal compressive load.

You feel it working immediately!

Recommended by shoulder research specialists as an ideal training method for overhead athletes to advance dynamic strength, endurance and stabilization. Used by orthopedic, sports and neurological therapists to speed recovery and restore function.  

Increase challenge and variety with individual and group training. Complete with exercise database and interval challenges. Or simply create your own combinations.

AXIO is portable, fast, and progressively challenging for all users. It’s a great addition to any gym, training or rehabilitation program.