AXIO For Golf Performance

Great golfers possess a combination of physical and neurological attributes that enables them to maximize swing power, efficiency and repeatability.

Discover AXIO, a revolutionary training method used by PGA Professionals that helps golfers of all levels develop these abilities so they can perform their best and prevent injury.

⛳️ Mobility ⛳️ Stability ⛳️ Feel ⛳️ Timing ⛳️ Control


AXIO is different. It’s like strength and agility for the golfer. Many traditional exercises we do with bands and weights tend to isolate muscles rather than integrate them. That approach often doesn’t significantly improve our ability to move more efficiently.

AXIO activates multiple muscle groups throughout the body to work together. It teaches our nervous system, not just our muscles, to perform better. AXIO automatically engages every muscle in our core, legs, mid back and shoulders functionally at the same time while it also improves our ability to better coordinate tension so we move more efficiently.