Complete Training

  • Elite-Level Stability, Precision + Control
  • Integrated Shoulder + Core Strength
  • Optimize Physical + Neurological Systems
  • Progressively Challenging

Resilience + Recovery

  • Speeds Circulation + Healing
  • Virtually No Joint Compression
  • Minimizes Soreness + Pain
  • Decreases Risk of Injury

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What the Experts Think


"With over 45 years of experience in military over 2 careers involving the requirement to be fit, my exposure to AXIO was a true innovation for my training. It is a 'must have' device for any sport or profession requiring a combination of balance, strength & endurance."

Mike Vaughn

"The value in the AXIO trainer is that it reinforces shoulder and trunk integrity, neuromuscular coordination and elevates the influence throughout the kinetic chain unlike any other traditional tool."

Joel Raether, MAED, CSCS*D, RSCC*D, TSAC-F*D
Managing Partner, FAST Performance | Head of Performance, Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse