AXIO 1080 Centripetal Trainer. triple Mass, Level Difficult
Step up exercise using the AXIO 1080
Single leg 1 arm balance exercise using AXIO 1080
Walking lunge using AXIO 1080
AXIO 1080

AXIO 1080

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This is our expert level Centripetal Trainer.

The 1080 is the ultimate challenge of combined strength, stability and coordination. It's designed for bigger and stronger users and will take time and practice to master. If you are looking for instant success or something easy then the 1080 is not for you! 

AXIO 1080 has three (3) separate ½ lb masses in the resisted outer channel. Even though it only weighs 1 lb more than our introductory model, the 1080 far exceeds that in resistance and difficulty to control.

Product weight: 4.25 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Andy Sykes
Rotational challenge

Axio1080: An Intense rotational challenge, demands strength and precision. We're glad to be using them.

Andy Sykes
Shoulder stabilizer

Very impressived with this device. Its allows for a ton of propriocetive learning while strengthening the shoulder girdle. Excited use this more.

T. Smith
Very cool product!

Very cool product! Got it at NSCA conference last week. Met with inventor there who did really good job explaining what it can do and all the ways to use it. I got 3 of them (the 360 and 720 too) and the 1080 is BY FAR the most strenuous and difficult to control. I'll send some videos when I master it!

Dave H.
It's Pretty Sweet!

I really like all the AXIO's but especially the heaviest one. It's pretty sweet. It really makes you have to stabilize your entire body to get it going. Very cool product.

Stephen L.

I've been using the AXIO360 for a few months and have gotten pretty good with it so I got the triple weight 1080. Wow! Huge difference!!. Much more challenging to handle especially single handed with straight arm. Keeping all 3 weights moving together is really tough because if you're not smooth then they clank together. Good challenge!