AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer. Single Mass Introductory Model
AXIO 360
Split Squat exercise with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Two hand lunge with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Side Squat with diagonal 2 hand AXIO  360 rotation
V Seat using AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer

AXIO 360

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This is our most versatile Centripetal Trainer. The 360 is the perfect AXIO for virtually everyone. It's progressively challenging for all users so be prepared to have to work at it to become a pro!

The AXIO 360 has a single (1) ½ lb mass in a resisted outer channel. It's fairly lightweight and the single movable mass makes it easier to learn, stabilize and control than the heavier, multi-mass models.

With just a little practice you’ll be able to quickly progress to more challenging positions, movements, and AXIO combinations. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It can punch a lot more than its weight!

Product weight: 3.25 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Tyler Penberthy
Best Shoulder Device

Loving my new Axio device! So incredibly helpful when training my shoulder for beach volleyball.

Would recommend to anyone.

Gabi Nilles

The AXIO 360 CT is a game changer for myself as a a current collegiate athlete and as a coach. Honestly I love that it is challenging and my athletes love it too. Once you start to 'get it,' you feel like you are more in tune with your body which is a great feeling both mentally and physically. It requires a great amount of control, body awareness, and focus. It has become an integral part of my training regimen.

Collin Krueger
Axio LT

It’s very difficult to get the ball going in the wheel. If you put any pressure at all on the outside of the wheel the ball will not rotate. I’m not happy with the product. Conceptually I like the idea, but the design is very poor. Good be a nice training tool if the wheel was designed differently to allow the ball to rotate more freely.


Great for strengthening and rehabilitation.


Tricky to learn but worth the effort

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