AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer. Single Mass Introductory Model
AXIO 360
Split Squat exercise with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Two hand lunge with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Side Squat with diagonal 2 hand AXIO  360 rotation
V Seat using AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer

AXIO 360

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This is our most versatile Centripetal Trainer. The 360 is the perfect AXIO for virtually everyone. It's progressively challenging for all users so be prepared to have to work at it to become a pro!

The AXIO 360 has a single (1) ½ lb mass in a resisted outer channel. It's fairly lightweight and the single movable mass makes it easier to learn, stabilize and control than the heavier, multi-mass models.

With just a little practice you’ll be able to quickly progress to more challenging positions, movements, and AXIO combinations. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It can punch a lot more than its weight!

Product weight: 3.25 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Chris Hosley

The AXIO trainer has been very useful for our juniors and adult practices for both for pre-hab and re-hab purposes.

Jeanie Lephart
Simple and easy!

Love the simplicity of the Axio 360 and it works! And I can take it with me when I travel!

joseph ates
It’s really helping

Love the axio360 it’s really helpful. I use it to warm up and while walking around the house . I highly recommend this .

David Townsend
Fully agree with the concept, can’t rotate long enough with the left arm to do any conditioning

Not sure what to do next , need guidance

Hi David.

Thanks for the review and happy to help you progress with your AXIO.

You’re right. Controlling an AXIO with our non-dominant arm is more challenging to master. We typically don’t have the same degree of strength, endurance and particularly coordination compared to the arm we use most often. However, this is very trainable and worthwhile to improve. It just takes a little more repetition to help our nervous system learn. Also, there is strength and conditioning benefit that occurs in the process.

Here’s a few techniques to speed up the process--

1) Keep your elbow bent in a 90 degree angle at your side (hand shake position). This may not be the functional position you want to use your arm in, but it decreases resistance and makes the AXIO easier to control for a longer period of time. As you gain more control and endurance you then extend the arm out further away from your body and work different positions.

2) Shifting the AXIO smoothly back and forth (aka “oscillations”) so the ball rolls across bottom of channel helps develop control. Progress to rotating the ball completely around the system, but try to keep it going around as slowly and smoothly as you can. It’s common with our non-dominant side to over accelerate and lose control. Don’t let the ball move too quickly around the channel. Greater rotational speed will come.

3) A good goal is to try to rotate the AXIO for 30 seconds without losing control. If you lose control, just get it going again. The clock keeps ticking. Keep track of how many times you lose control in 30 seconds. Try 3 sets each direction.

I also highly recommend using the AXIO with both hands at the same time and progressing by altering body and AXIO positions to challenge stability and control as you improve.

Please refer to the website for the AXIO Quickstart videos, the Fitness Library and 'Applications' section for sport-specific training curriculum.

All the Best,

Ted B.
AXIO Centripetal Training

Connor T.
Love Your Product!

Lover your product! Using the AXIO 360 enabled me to improve my overall performance and position myself as a 2022 MLB draft prospect

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