AXIO 720
AXIO 720
AXIO 720
AXIO 720

AXIO 720

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The 720 is our advanced model is designed to challenge much stronger and coordinated users. Though it provides significantly greater resistance and difficulty to control than our introductory models, it still has applications in rehab and training for all levels.

The AXIO 720 has two (2) ½ lb masses in the resisted outer channel.  An additional ½ lb doesn’t sound like much, but due to the rotational resistance multiplier and need to control separate masses, the user requires significantly greater strength, dynamic stability, and coordination to handle.

All AXIO Trainers require effort and practice to master. To control the AXIO 720 in unstable positions and with dynamic movements will challenge the strongest and most coordinated user.

Product weight: 3.75 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

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