AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer. Single Mass Introductory Model
Split Squat exercise with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Two hand lunge with AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
Side Squat with diagonal 2 hand AXIO  360 rotation
V Seat using AXIO 360 Centripetal Trainer
AXIO 360

AXIO 360

Regular price$149.95

The 360 is the perfect AXIO for virtually everyone. This is the most versatile Centripetal Trainer, but also progressively challenging for all users so it will take practice to master!

The AXIO 360 has a single (1) ½ lb mass in a resisted outer channel. It's fairly lightweight and the single movable mass makes it easier to learn, stabilize and control than the heavier, multi-mass models.

With just a little practice you’ll be able to quickly progress to more challenging positions, movements, and AXIO combinations. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It can punch a lot more than its weight!

Product weight: 3.25 lb

Product diameter: 12" or 30.5cm

Customer Reviews

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A plus

Very happy with product so far. Had it for 1 week. It took a little for my son to get a hang of it. Only complaint would be the delayed shipping of over 1 month, but it’s been worth the wait.

Tiffany Todaro
Amazing 👏

I love this product it has helped me with staing steady when I shoot, I love it❤️❤️❤️

Great purchase

Great way to condition your rotator cuff and also to get your arm feeling loose before throwing. I used to often for myself, and I have also used it with my high school players that I train. I will be purchasing the blue one soon for the youth players I train.

Feel the burn!

Bought this for my son who is a catcher, pitcher and Qb. Even with all that throwing this piece of equipment had his shoulder burning in 30 seconds. It gives an entire different level of arm care.

Thanks so much for the 5 star review Chad. You're right, it is an entirely different level of arm care. Best of luck to your son in all his sports.

Khris Burke
360 imperative for beginner

I also bought the 720 and it just almost impossible to keep going before frustration occurs. I’ve been using the 320 and enjoy it and recommend it. But as far as the 720 i feel it is a waste of my time and should put in a return already but have been busy

Hey Kris. Thanks for your feedback. I agree the dual-mass AXIO 720, our ADVANCED Centripetal Trainer, is challenging and requires reps and practice to master. It's designed to be that way - greater resistance, advanced proprioception and neuromuscular control required. Where as our INTERMEDIATE 360 model is a bit easier to handle for first-time users. I recommend everyone start with a 360, but shouldn't underestimate the value of developing ability to handle the dual-mass 720 and even the triple-mass 1080. They are very trainable, but just 'drive' differently. The ability to control them all offers significant benefits for athletes (and even non-athletes). I recommend watching the Quickstart videos on our website to help you get the 720 dialed in. Technique and a little practice is all you need to get it down. Reach out anytime with questions!

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