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Baseball Performance

AXIO has revolutionized how baseball players warm up, train and recover. Discover this dynamic strength and stabilization training device used by ball players from youth to MLB that maximizes performance and prevents injury.



The "AXIO 8" Throwers Warm Up

At over 7000 degrees per second, there is no faster human motion than what occurs with throwing a baseball. These athletes need the ability to efficiently create high-level velocity and withstand extreme variable forces imparted on the body. To achieve this requires an equally dynamic integrated warm up.

The “AXIO 8” is a fast, comprehensive, full-body warmup designed for every overhead athlete. Developed by a team of sports medicine professionals, trainers, and shoulder research specialists, this routine systematically primes the functional mobility, muscular and neurological activation needed to maximize throwing performance and mitigate risk of injury.


Baseball Training Exercises

Always begin by slowly oscillating your AXIO Trainer to sense and control internal mass moving back and forth before progressing to full rotations. If you lose control of rotations, go back to oscillations and try rotating again. This will improve with a little practice.

Be sure to maintain good alignment and move thru a full pain free range of motion whenever possible. Never sacrifice control for speed.

Warm Up:
1-2 sets of 1-3 repetitions/cycles or 30 seconds duration at low/moderate intensity

3-5 sets of 3-8 repetitions/cycles or 30 seconds duration at velocity you can control

1 set of 60-120 seconds at low velocity/intensity



Elbow & Forearm Exercises


AXIO & Band Combos