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"I use my AXIO everyday!"

"The best arm care in the game"

Revolutionize Your Arm Care

Total Arm Care

One tool for warm up, training and recovery. AXIO has the versatility to do it all!

Complete Training

A full 360° of dynamic resistance quickly improves performance and prevents injury.

Progressively Challenging

From MLB to the developing player, AXIO will take your game to the next level.

Lightweight and Portable

Fits in your bag and easy to travel with. Use AXIO anywhere, from the field to the gym.

Organizations Using Axio

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What the Experts Think


"I use my AXIO everyday for warm up and training. It’s like strength and agility for your arm."

Mitch Keller
Pitcher - Pittsburgh Pirates

"AXIO is the best arm care and training tool we've seen. We use them everyday. Our pro guys love it! The even tension it builds in the body and around the arm is legit!"

Eugene Bleecker
Founder and Director of Player Development at 108 Performance

"AXIO gives overhead athletes a combination of strength, endurance and neuromuscular control that's unparalleled to any other device."

Dr. Stephen Thomas, PhD, ATC
Shoulder/Elbow Research Specialist - Consultant Philadelphia Phillies

"AXIO has so many uses. You can warm up, strengthen and recover with one device. It’s so great for ball players because it works your shoulders and core at the same time."

Tyson Ross
MLB Pitcher

"AXIO is for more than just arm care. It makes your whole body activate and turn on. It develops ball player feel, timing and focus."

Jon Huizinga
Baseball Mentor & Coach - Fuel Factory Sports

“Love my AXIO. It’s everything I wanted in a shoulder trainer to help me throw. Thank you for making such a great piece of equipment!"

Alex Pham
Pitcher - Baltimore Orioles

“AXIO is not only the best shoulder training tool I’ve ever used, but it has also helped me build a better connection when I throw and move”

Hayden Seig
Pitcher - LA Angels

“I love using AXIO pre and post-throwing as part of my arm care routine”

David Griffin
Pitcher - NY Mets